• marketer

    Generally speaking, the person in charge of social media wouldn’t also be in charge of creating a flyer like this. Sounds like it’s someone else’s oversight.

    • Very good point, marketer. Perhaps the two departments should start talking!

  • Hey, Tara. Was a goof that slipped through the cracks at a vendor– their job of coordinating 6500+ locations isn’t easy. Working through it and have made adjustments to make it work. We’re actually giving away gift cards until 4/1, so let the twEATing continue! Feel free to reach out directly with questions.

    –Brandon at Wendy’s

    • Touche! That wasn’t Tara’s fault, you can blame me (Josh) for the quick edit job. But it’s good to hear from you guys and I commend you on a creative approach to getting it corrected. Now I have a hankerin’ for a Frosty! Thanks again, Brandon.