• Morton Scisco

    Stars get impersonated all the time on Twitter. It think it is B.S. that only people they seem fit get the checkmark. I think if you can prove that is you using the account then you have a blue checkmark.

    • Izstaria

      Well that is why they have it. So it is not b.s. So we know it is not a fake account.
      Get over it.

  • Agreed. Verification would be cool. I wonder what the process would look like though? Maybe like the process for AirBnb verification?

  • This as not helpful at all. What steps? What milestones need to be hit?

  • Been Peeling Out (TheGawd)

    verify me immediately . hey @twitter

  • ALy

    I want to be verified.

  • What process should i do to get verify badge on my twitter profile?

    • Michelle Williams

      Be famous and the check will mean nothing! Where it is so important to you indicates you’ll never get one!

      • I got your point! Thank you! Cheers :)

        • Michelle Williams

          I didn’t mean it like that sorry? They actually say in their rules that blue checks are given at twitters discretion. There is no rhyme or reason. It’s probably just so people can’t pretend to be others. We put such stock in people who sing and act that when they tweet it is so important. It just seems sad however the information like this page is incredible.

  • सुरिंदर शर्मा #नमो

    verify me @surinder1948

  • Sucoliah Hall

    dear Twitter some of those that have blue checks are one hit wonders I once save a whole complex from burning to death can I get a blue check now.

  • 5$o$islifern

    I have had many people impersonate my account and I have reported them and they have been deleted. I still don’t have a checkmark. Calm yourselves.

  • Tyrone Pires

    Calm the fuck down. No one would want to impersonate your complaining ass anyways.

  • Jaminur Rahaman

    Pls bule tick in my name

  • GREAT NEWS! Now you can apply for a verified account (blue check mark). Here are the instructions: http://www.tweetbrander.com/how-to-get-a-blue-check-mark-on-twitter/

  • Maverick

    In india its very easy to get..say against the country in public and media will automatically make u famous and in next instance u ll get blue bird with ur name .. funny naa ??

  • Booga20

    If someone really cares about this…they need a life..

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  • Mahammadgouse tashildar

    Very fy me


    I want a blue check on my Twitter account THANKS GUYS



  • Bryan Messina

    You have to be working for the illuminati .

  • geoh777

    I want one. What is it again?